I would like to compliment you on the professionalism of your staff. It has always been a pleasure working with PRC. Their Nurse Case Managers are reasonable and always non-confrontational. Other Nurse Case Managers do not always have a good rapport due to their sternness, but PRC Nurse Case Managers are willing to go the extra mile to keep good communication. I enjoy working with them and look forward to every encounter

- Michelle Howard, Commercial Compensation Collections Specialist

I am writing this note in stalwart support of Professional Rehabilitation Consultants. I have worked with PRC for years and find the professionalism level of care and level of realistic perspective to be unique and excellent. The referrals are appropriate and generally able to be managed in a successful vein as they are brought forth in a timely and very appropriate manner. I have had the pleasure of working with a number of case management companies in my practice here in Richmond and my prior practice in the Boston area, and never have I had the opportunity to work with such straightforward, honest, and capable people. I continue to look forward to working with PRC in the future and would be happy to give more detailed information to any potential referral source related to these reasons. This is a company that is hardworking, ethical, honest, and truly patient centered, and it has been my honor to work with them.

- Roger Giordano, MD, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital

"I enjoy having such a great connection with the nurses and learning from their experiences; Receiving updates via emails and PCs including the medical records INSTANTLY."

"They tend to get these claims closed fast, if not, come up with a plan stat, which most IW's tend to agree with given it is coming from someone in the medical field."

“Their nurses are super responsive - they answer my questions about what medical treatments are and can advise correctly if it is needed or not. They will go out of their way to make appointments happen, reach insureds, defense etc., if needed or if I am out. When I am not here, I can trust them to approve diagnostics and PT. I have a relationship with them - they know I work and what I expect and vice versa.”

“Results – PRC doesn’t report the news, they make the news. They don’t just provide medical updates, they go in every Dr. visit with a plan and get results. They ask the questions and get the answers. They provide recommendations to move files forward. They know the docs that work well with WC and return to work.”

“The PRC nurses make themselves available 24/7.”

- Key Risk

Professional Rehabilitation Consultants, Inc. provides simple, fast and safe return to work solutions to help control the rising costs of workers’ compensation while positively influencing the lives of injured workers. PRC is the first and last choice for all of my Nurse Case Management needs. The professionalism from everyone there is second to none. Each and every member of the team is always willing to go the extra mile for us, as well as the claimant. Over the years, PRC has developed great working relationships with the medical professionals who treat our associates. Thank you again for all your efforts in assisting with our associates’ rehabilitation needs. Words cannot express the quality of service your facility has to offer.

- Kristofer Golla, Specialist - Workers' Compensation Integrity Staffing

I am a Workers' Compensation Sr. Adjuster. I use Professional Rehabilitation Consultants Inc. for practically all of my Nurse Case Management and Vocational Rehabilitation. I have found the nurses with them are not only caring and knowledgeable people that present well with my claimants but are also very on target as to what my needs are. They are very focused on Virginia Workers' Compensation Law and what is needed to handle a file under the Commission's rules. They make sure the claimants get the best care with very good and honest doctors. They have a good rapport with the doctors in their territories. I find that they are very professional and to the point. They have good working relationships with the medical professionals that treat my claimants. I highly recommend this company to anyone that wants their authentic people taken care of as well as the ones that are not so on the up and up to be discovered and released. This Company has my highest stamp of approval for ethics, honesty and hard work.

- Loretta Hargis, The Landin Companies